OTA has resourced and developed a range of products that encompass the digital commerce spectrum from ecommerce to digital media marketing. These products are all geared to improve customer experience and ultimately to grow our clients business and brand awareness.


OTA has standardized on the Award-Winning  Magento Platformis as eCommerce platform-of-choice due to its global industry recognition and scale-ability. The Magento eCommerce platform serves more than 110,000 merchants worldwide and is supported by a global ecosystem of solution partners and third-party developers. Magento is a feature-rich, open-source, enterprise-class platform that offers merchants a high degree of flexibility and control over the user experience, catalog, content and functionality of their online store.’OTA is a recognized Magento Partner and has been awarded Silver Solution Partner Status.



Create your free mobile website within 5mins without the need of any code experience

MHub, founded in 2012, was born with the goal of enabling every South African business to leverage their brand’s true potential on the mobile web. With a mobile device for every person on the planet by 2015, ignoring the potential of the mobile web is something today’s business owner simply cannot afford to do. MHub’s mission is therefore a simple one – provide every South African business with a mobi site, thereby ensuring they are discoverable and most importantly profitable on the mobile web.


Safindit is a “Free to Advertise!”, electronic business directory

Safindit started out as a web-based business directory that was founded in 2004 to help South Africans find contact details for businesses of all descriptions throughout the country. As of November 2010, the site has been relaunched in a new format that aims to be at the forefront of online technology. This is no longer a business directory as you have come to know them!
This is a place for businesses to get the most out of a free online platform that exposes their company to their local community and the rest of South Africa. But it’s not just for businesses! In addition to browsing our comprehensive business listings, users can also use Safindit to find events,

Special offers, read stories in our magazine and interact by supplying feedback and reviews, which can be shared with other users! We want you to tell us about your experiences and feelings about organisations in your area and we want you to share your love for the local products and people that drive your life.Business owners, or people involved in an organisation, such as a charity or social club can easily create a free listing where they can add and edit information, pictures, links and videos relating to their business.


No more queues with innovative mobile e-commerce

Skip the Q is a native OTA developed application that allows frictionless customer – vendor interaction. Put simply OTA has developed a Smart Queue system whereby a customer can order ahead and pay for a product without going through the tedious process of waiting in a check-out queue. Skip the Q is set to take the service industry by storm. Keep your eyes peeled for a Skip the Q vendor!

OTA Digital Magazines


OTA Digital Magazines – Your online catalog just got interactive!

OTA Digital Magazines is an online catalog, lookbook, brochure, magazine, or interactive publication, powered by the richness and convenience of today’s digital media. A true, exciting expression of your brand across every digital channel that engages shoppers and consumers alike. OTA Digital Magazines are built in HTML5 to give you consistent ecommerce functionality across the web, social channels, tablets, and smartphones. They Enable your customers to add items to their cart without interruption or redirection to a secondary cart page.

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