Now more than ever eCommerce allows firms to quickly establish a new and effective market presence. Businesses and entrepreneurs can now choose whether to be pure online entities or a combination of online and traditional … either way the benefits are numerous.
Our eCommerce development strategy focuses on understanding your needs and expectations and shaping these into world-class eStores.
So whether you are searching for a technology company to holistically implement your eCommerce solution or wanting a partner to build, manage and run your eStore. Look no further.


Mobile Commerce is now a contender in the eCommerce landscape and we at OTA have prepared for this.
We have developed our own mobile commerce platform as well as partnered with a major global software development corporation in order to deliver a suite of mobile commerce products and solutions across all platforms.
In short, we bring the shopping experience right to your customers laps.


Social Commerce provides online shoppers with useful tools to make better and more informed choices. For us at OTA, social commerce is not simply about using social media to promote brands and products, but rather about understanding the psychology of the online shopper. Social commerce allows brands and retailers to sell where customers spend their time; and today that means on social media platforms. Social commerce solutions are thus a cost-effective way to capture traffic and market reach.


YOUTUBE is the world’s 2nd biggest Search Engine it’s now imperative for companies to display effective and engaging video material. OTA has created a facility to develop and deploy effective video material from scripting to final output. Not only can we create engaging Video content but we can also integrate eCommerce into the Video as a click-thru layer! How-to-videos and online tutorials can create huge traction for a brand or product as well as alleviate traditional customer service headaches.

Don’t get stuck in the traditional … hit us up an email!


Getting your website or eStore found amongst the oceans of brands, products and information on the Internet is now a science. We are fanatical about good SEO practice and implementation as it is imperative that our clients’ brands and products reach their target customers.


All of our servers are hosted in a tier 4 data center, with full fault tolerance including Uplinks, Power, HVAC and Servers. Our clients can also have a choice of virtual or dedicated environments to suit budget requirements.

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